After listing his white mega-elephant mansion for sale more than a year ago, Jeffree Star has finally been able to sell it. According to published reports, the ostentatious estate, which spanned 2.8 hilltop acres and was perhaps the largest and most extravagantly decorated home in all of Hidden Hills, was sold for $16.7 mιllιon.


Where does Jeffree Star park his luxurious pink Ferrari adjacent to his disputed yak farm in Casper, Wyoming? Only time will tell.

Speaking of the buyers, paperwork show that they are a married couple from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, named Pyae and Smile Maung, who are the owners of multiple businesses.

However, Star now spends most of his time in Casper, Wyoming, where he transformed his original 70-acre home into a multimillion-dollar ranch operation with 150 yaks, some of which he utilizes for his new yak meat brand. The ranch today spans more than 300 acres.

The Wyoming mansion is vastly different from the Hidden Hills estate, which has every conceivable home amenity in addition to being vast and extravagant in its own right. We have previously written in-depth articles about the property in Calabasas, so we will not do so again.

A 10-car subterranean garage with glass elevator, wine cellar with tasting room, theater, two neighboring guesthouses, separate “barn,” kitchen with four or five freezers, and a master suite larger than most flats are just a few of the property’s many facilities.

For Star’s multi-mιllιon dollar collection of jewelry and accessories, a brand-new walk-in bank vault was built, and he renovated all the electrical, HVAC, and security systems.

In addition, he gave the interior of the mansion a beautiful white and gold color scheme. Mr. Kate’s renovation of the residence’s massage and spa facility was, as expected, documented on YouTube.